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Henry the 10th, Henry the 8th, and Henry "Huff" the 9th.

Who We Are

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Henry(10th), Ally, Cynthia, Henry(8th), Ruth, Huff, Judy, Lizzy, Sarah

The Chiles Family

Five generations of farmers born and raised in Central Virginia

Mountain Grown Since 1912

Crown Orchard Company is one of Central Virginia’s most prolific fruit growers, boasting seven major orchards spread over a 15-mile radius. Owned and operated by the Chiles family, the company has many acres of peaches, nectarines, and apples.

Crown Orchard is a major wholesale supplier for the region, thanks in part to a state-of-the-art packing facility located in Covesville, Virginia and a full-year staff.

The company also owns and operates Carter Mountain OrchardChiles Peach Orchard, and Spring Valley Orchard.

A Family Tradition

The Chiles family has owned and operated Crown Orchard since the year 1912. That means that five generations of family members have literally had their hands in building not only one of the area’s most successful fruit wholesaling businesses…but some of its greatest traditions as well.

Today the family, including Ruth & Henry, Cynthia, Sarah, Huff & Judy, Lizzy, Ally & Henry, continue this remarkable record of commitment to the community…and look forward to serving it for generations to come.

Who We Are: Welcome
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